Radio advertising in Uzbekistan, Tashkent

Radio advertising in Uzbekistan, TashkentRadio advertising in Uzbekistan is the most attractive way of advertising. Just imagine that the highest price for one minute of radio ads costs 55 Euro (Echo Doliny radio station) and the cheapest cost is 17 USD per minute. With budget of 10000 USD you may cover all Uzbekistan, all radio stations for a month (6 spots a day appx.).

The success of radio ads in Uzbekistan depends on the quality of commercial – the voice, music and of course texts are key moments in radio commercial. Our screen writers will make the best to represent your product or services in best way. We make radio commercial both in Russian and Uzbek languages without loosing the point of advertising  message.

In our portfolio you may find not only local brands but there is international one too – it is CASTROL.

This company trusts us for a year as we had already made some successful campaigns for them in 2010.

And the most interesting moment that we may provide huge discounts for radio advertising placement at all Uzbekistan radio stations such as Radio Grand, Oriat FM, Oriat Dono, Radio Maxima, Uzbegim Taronasi, Hamroh, Echo Doliny,  Alo FM, Radio Poytaxt, Zamin FM, Radio Yoshlar.

If you place the order for radio ads at 2 radio stations in Uzbekistan for 2 months, we’ll record the commercial for free.

All you need just send us email or call +99890 323 35 11 and professional managers of our advertising agency will help you with radio advertisement in Uzbekistan / Tashkent.