Video effect "magnetic arrows": looker and gets your customers right on target! Strive to ensure that your ad watched with pleasure and trusted her. Choosing us as an artist, you will be satisfied!
Effective media plan and bargain airtime on TV-rating channels Uzbekistan. Plan an ambitious media campaign - save for another stage of its run! Premium discounts, the most productive time of the demonstration, the guarantee of placement.
Design-projects of apartments, offices, private homes, large houses. Use innovation, introduce practical methods of differentiation of space. All you seem difficult for us absolutely possible!
Want to attract visitors to the site, nothing for it without doing? Are aiming to get into the top search engines? Start with the development and launch of a competent web resource to us in their own way!
Your site sells you, expensive or cheap - depends on the quality of its design development. Attention to detail make the web resource that will pay off in the near future! NO templates, YES - the individual creative concepts and successful marketing techniques!

About us

Eva and Polly Advertising Agency in Uzbekistan. Why Eva and Polly?

But why Ogilvi & Mather or Saatchi & Saatchi? Because all of them produced and are producing the advertising in their own way. Intrigue? Possibly. But this is the intrigue the point of which will be revealed for everyone in own way if they appeal to our Agency.

Our Advertising Agency in Uzbekistan is young and we call ourselves Eva&Polly Agency of Advertising. Even in this we follow our slogan “Ad in own way”.  Though we are young we have professionals in our team who have rich experience in all advertising production fields. Besides experience our staff has good relationship with all mass media and it gives us an opportunity to provide exclusive discounts for TV and radio advertisement to our customers in Uzbekistan.

To talk about newest equipment, creative decisions, full package of advertising services etc…..

What for? We have all of that but we don’t pay attention to. Why should we take your time for reading all these facts that are presented at all agencies?

Friendliness, competency, attentiveness – these help us to create advertising in own way.

Your opinion

On the next page, we will conduct surveys, public opinion research, etc.

Our partners

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Interesting package

Special offer for private medical clinics in Tashkent! Offer a comprehensive solution to promote health clinics on television Uzdigital-TV. Economy Package "Right on target"! Advertise for only 35,041 sums per 1 out! We will post your promotional video (10 seconds). 1 month placement period, the total number of exits 96 (5 times a week, Monday to Friday). Given the audience data transmission, we can safely say that this is the people watching their health and are looking for agents in the treatment of certain diseases. Accordingly, by placing advertisements in the private clinic data transmissions, we find ourselves right on target. Your advertisement will be seen as you reach your target audience (Tashkent and Tashkent region). The cost of manufacturing a movie - from 1.2 million sum. On accommodations, please call +99871 120 06 21, +99890 323 35 11.


Make a website today, over the summer we'll unwind and fall you'll be profiting from visits! From the position of the site in the search depends on his attendance, and hence profit resource owner. We offer you a special program "to create + promotion." Over 2.5 million sum you get a unique website design and fully optimized for your needs inside pages. 400 000 sum per month, we derive your website on the first page of search engines "Yandex" and «Google» 5-10 requests! Domain and hosting for 1 year for free! On the site you get a comfortable content management system (can add / edit text, pages, photos), provide training for your staff to work with the system. Call today +99871 120 06 21, 120 06 16 and 120 poster book.

Work with us

It's no secret that successful companies in the market of Uzbekistan - is primarily a team of professionals who are able to quickly resolve the problem.