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Our agency offers the development, planning and implementation of advertising campaigns of different nature in Tashkent and Uzbekistan.

During the campaigns in Uzbekistan besides well-known outdoor advertising, advertising on TV, radio and other things, we use:

- PR campaign; 
- Guerilla (dissemination of information about the product / service without buying advertising space, ether, obtaining official permission / sanctions); 
- Events (opening celebration); 
- BTL, ATL shares; 
- Viral marketing (advertising information dissemination through consumers using their own interests and the desire to share something funny and entertaining. Advertisement “spreads itself” without the additional financial investments); 
- Direct Marketing (Direct marketing) – sending personal letters composed to attract potential customers. Used Postage Service of Uzbekistan.

Every campaign we spend differently.

Call us today and we will discuss with you the details +99871 120 06 27, +99871 120 06 19.

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