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Реклама в ИнтернетеWithout creating or promoting your site, you can always draw attention to themselves web-users through online advertising.With minimal price and with great coverage of the target audience you undoubtedly will win the desired market segment. Yes, you might say, ”The Internet is not everywhere! Internet do not use 100% of potential customers! “And you will be absolutely right. Yes, not 100%, and at least 50%. And who would not want 50% of potential customers? You? Probably not. After all, why you want to create advertising and express themselves to their maximum potential.

Advertising on the Internet is of the following types:

Banner - is placing a text ad-picture (banner) on site with high attendance. By the way, we can place your banner on the (even within the mailbox),,,   and many others. This will take into account the geo-targeting (targeting visitors), ie Only residents of Uzbekistan or any other country (which you specify) will be able to see your ad on the internet.

Contextual advertising.

Today, almost all known search engines offer to place advertisements or banners on the search results page for a particular query. This kind of advertising on the Internet is called contextual advertising.

Viral advertising.

Why viral advertising so because spreads like a virus – from one user to another. For example, we removed the video for the customer and put it on certain online resources, over time, this video is sent from one person to another (friend saw a hilarious video and sent to a friend, and that he looked). Only if the movie is interesting and evokes emotion, he has a chance of success.

So what causes this kind of interest and Internet advertising - pr-like article. With our copywriters, you can tell the Internet about your product or service. Read your articles on hundreds of websites where you will be left reference to the source, ie on your home page.

On 1 July 2010 the number of Internet users in Uzbekistan is 6.3 million people (including permanent population of 28.8 million people of Uzbekistan, Internet penetration is 21.87%). According to the Uzbek Agency for Communication and Information (UzACI), of which nearly 2.94 million people are accounted for through a fixed internet connection and the rest (about 3.36 million) on the mobile Internet.

Any advertising on the Internet is created in our agency, taking into account all the specifics, rules and peculiarities of life «on-line». So with us, you are doomed to success.

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