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Production of LED signs, outdoor ads in Tashkent

Light box or advertising sign with large letters always attracts attention.

Because it is called – outdoor advertising. It draws on the outside and a person can get the impression that may be within the company under this sign.

An advertiser who cares about their image, orders the quality sign of expensive materials. So he understands that it is the person of the company. By advertising signs will be judged on the company as a whole. Blown letter and a month are only visible glitters CLI IC? So and then treated the same way.
Our department of outdoor advertising, engaged in the manufacture and installation of three-dimensional letters, light boxes and signage, carefully monitors the quality and promptly respond to requests and comments of the customer during the warranty period.

When ordering LED signs in EvaPolly, you can be sure that you will get your period.

Outdoor advertising will still be pleasing to the eye of your visitors.

 LED signboard


Terms of outdoor advertising in Tashkent

Правила размещения наружной рекламы в ТашкентеDear customers, if you are planning outdoor advertising in Tashkent, we ask that you observe the following rules:

1. Before we seek deployment of advertising structures, prepare the image for approval “ГУП” “Tashkent Advertising Service” (Proposition 1 passes once a week – on Wednesdays)

2. Unless you have finished an advertising image, order it from us (see the rates for design services)

3. Upon approval of the image (we will submit an application for approval, free), select sites for outdoor advertising (we will send you a dislocation)

4. Book printing on banner with us

5. Pay accommodation and we are within 2 days to place your ads on selected advertising structures.

Why we ask you to follow it with a sequence of outdoor advertising in Tashkent? Because confirmation of the image can take anywhere from 2 days to 3 weeks, during which time the chosen design can be sold to other customers (this is a business and design should not be delayed, since we are paying for them monthly fees regardless of have advertising on them or not). Once you have on hand will be approved by the sketch, you can throughout the day also choose places for outdoor advertising, and the next day we all will print and hang. Let’s save time with each other and then everyone will be happy.

For a clearer picture will give an example: 05/02/13 Company “XXX” asks us to organize the deployment of its outdoor advertising in Tashkent. We send the proposal ready in 15 minutes. They think 5 days, send us passport numbers selected advertising structures 05.08.13 (Wednesday). This was followed by a photo shoot with models to fit on a billboard. 05/16/13 (Thursday) to provide us with photos of the billboard design. 29/05/13 (Wednesday) we hand sketch for approval to the State Unitary Enterprise “Tashkent Advertising Service” and only get approved image 06/13/13 (Thursday). Of course in the 40 days we sold selected advertising design, as there was no pre-payment made for them. Sent to the client “XXX” new (vacant space at this point). 6.18.13 client to determine the place, 10 days paid for the printing on the banner and only pay for accommodation 07/01/13. 07.03.13 its advertising has been hung in the streets of Tashkent.

Total: 2 months just lost a customer. Try not to repeat the mistakes of others, follow the above rules.

Sincerely yours,

Advertising agency Eva and Polly